Ceiling systems primarily serve a functional purpose, namely creating the right atmosphere in a working space. The main objective is acoustics. A ceiling is extremely suited for defining the acoustics in a space. Depending on a space's usage, a suspended ceiling with more or less sound-absorbing properties can be used. The reverberation time of sound defines to a large extent its audibility. Music requires for instance a longer reverberation time than speaking in a lecture room.

Ceilings can also have aesthetic functionality, for instance in the entrance hall or as an exterior ceiling under an overhang or canopy.

Based on our innovative spirit, we are also working on new developments in ceiling systems; for instance we recently developed a walkable absorbing ceiling in collaboration with Rockfon.


  • Acoustic ceilings (noise absorbing or insulating)
  • Ceilings for outdoor applications
  • Ceilings that can be walked on
  • Metal ceilings
  • Wood ceilings


  • Utility Construction, such as offices, schools, public buildings, etc. Industry. For example, noise absorption in production rooms.